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Invitation to the 21-Day Signature Coaching Program Launch Challenge!

Are you a new coach ready to take your coaching business to new heights? 

Do you dream of launching your very own signature coaching program and making your first $1000? 

Then join us for an exhilarating journey in our 21-Day Signature Coaching Program Launch Challenge!

What to Expect:

• Expert Guidance: Gain access to proven strategies and expert advice from successful coaches who have already launched their signature programs and made their first $1000.

• Actionable Steps: Receive daily actionable tasks and exercises designed to propel you forward in creating and launching your signature coaching program.

• Supportive Community: Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded coaches who are also embarking on this journey. Share insights, ask questions, and celebrate successes together!

• Accountability: Stay on track with our accountability system. We're here to support you every step of the way to ensure you reach your goals.

Why Join the Challenge?

Launching your signature coaching program is not just about making money—it's about sharing your unique expertise with the world and making a meaningful impact in people's lives.

By joining this challenge, you'll:

• Gain clarity on your coaching niche and ideal clients.

• Develop a compelling offer that resonates with your target audience.

• Learn effective marketing and sales strategies to attract clients and generate income.

• Overcome mindset blocks and limiting beliefs that may be holding you back.

• Build confidence as a coach and entrepreneur.

Ready to Launch Your Signature Coaching Program and Make Your First $1000?

Don't miss this opportunity to kick-start your coaching business and turn your dreams into reality!

Meet your instructor

Founder of Infinite Creations an Educational Enterprise

Ranjini Sanjay, is a Techie turned Edupreneur and Business Coach having 20+ years diverse experience in technology, running multiple businesses, leadership training, personal development and online business coaching.

CLIENT WIN - Ashissh Dikshit

Founder of Career Guidance For You - He is career counsellor with more than 2 decades of experience implements Six Figure Launch Strategy in 21 days, offering his signature program. He organically created a community of 175+ prospects, 30+ paying clients for his Workshop and Programs.

CLIENT WIN - Dr Rajalakshmi NoTT

Founder of Care By Prescience - She is a pediatrician, NLP Practitioner, a Therapist and a Healer with more than 3 decades of experience implements Six Figure Launch Strategy in 21 days, offering her signature program. She organically created a community of 195+ prospects, 60+ paying clients for her Workshop and Programs so far.

Client Wins

Bhairavi Shah

Life Coach and Healer closes her first high-ticket client paid ₹60k in just 7 days.

Rajeev Gondal

A Career Coach, Trainer and Consultant made $300 from a student he never expected.

Meena Karmakar

Personal Branding Coach got a client as soon as she completed her first LinkedIn Live Session.

Sweety Mall

Are you a passionate individual looking to kickstart your online coaching career and create a lasting impact? We have the perfect opportunity for you! Introducing our exclusive 60-Day Business Coaching Course designed to guide aspiring coaches like yourself in crafting and launching your own signature coaching program – all without the need for ads.

Dr Kirthi Jawalkar

New coaches, may encounter various limiting beliefs that can hinder the successful launch of their brand. These limiting beliefs can be psychological barriers that affect confidence, decision-making, and overall business development.

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