Abundance is an Attitude: FREE to Give, OPEN to Receive

How do you treat someone who cooks and/or serves food for you? I see divine, God or Goddess. It doesn’t matter if it’s a friend or family, even a service provider like Swiggy, Zomato or the restaurant I am dining in. Its Free or Paid. I am grateful to everyone who serves me a meal I can eat, enjoy. 

Universe has its mysterious ways to treat you, give you love, blessings from people and places you are least expecting.

I am having a feast on Eid. The provider is someone I don’t know. (My husband’s patient, is happy to share their Eid festivities with us). But the energy and love put in to prepare and serve this meal fills my heart with gratitude for this unknown. 

I do not wait for the birthdays to be grateful or the anniversary to express my love. I live everyday, I love everyday. I celebrate life everyday. I believe that helps me attract abundance everyday. 

Breaking Barriers - Entrepreneurship

Breaking Barriers – Entrepreneurship require courage to face rejection, failure, confidence to deal with uncertainty and relentless commitment to growth. 

What defines Success?

2015 – I quit a high paying Corporate Job to start my first school a franchisee business centre.

People’s Opinion – Why? Are you crazy! You have small kids. This is not the right time. You can do what you want to do when your kids grow up. 🙄😏 #makeboldchoices 

2016 – A struggling Business, Finance, and husband diagnosed with chronic illness rheumatoid arthritis. Financial Barriers – Invest in personal growth and development to learn new skills 🌟💖 #followyourheart 

2017 – Launch my second school expand franchisee business network.Time Barriers – Create Teams to manage multiple business centres. A Road Trip from Chennai to Auli, my husband's journey to recovery. 😀🚗💕#designyourlife 

2018 – Launch Infinite Creations own Brand, as Business Consulting services for setting up Schools. A new baby. 

Mindset Barriers – Create a Vision and Mission to empower, inspire and contribute globally through education. 💖💫 #findyourvoice

2019 – Close all franchisee business centres, huge financial loss. People’s Opinion – Shut down your business when you cannot make profits. You cannot do business. Find a job. 🤔😢 #selfbelief 

2020 – Pandemic, Lockdown, start my Blog, Publish my first book Couch to Crest a 6000 kilometers Road Trip from the Coromandel Coast to Himalayas. Become a Coach. Start my Podcast and Live Show. People’s Opinion on Getting out of Comfort Zone – This is absolute nonsense. What do you want to prove? Showing off? Don’t share your failures with the World. 💫😍 #shareyourstory

2021 – Relaunch Infinite Creations an Educational Enterprise, offering, training, coaching and consulting services for personal, professional and business growth. People’s Opinion – You cannot be Sadhguru? 😀🌹 #awakenyourpower.

💥🌟✨📣Celebrating FIRST anniversary of The Real Entrepreneur Show (Podcast and Live), featuring inspiring stories of 40+ Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants from North America, Africa, Europe and Asia. 

Originally published Oct 13, 2021

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